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River cruising in ASIA is more than China's Yangtze.

Life along China's Yangtze river dates back over 2 million years and until recently it was the only Asian destination. The Mekong river welcomes travelers back to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, those places many struggled so long to forget as the region prospers in the new millennium so different from the 60's & 70s. Myanmar(formerly Burma) becomes the newest of these ancient waterways to be "rediscovered" as the former BURMA reopens its doors to tourist. There are more suppliers and newer ships offering you comforts which will impress you. There are numerous  opportunities to add land arrangements before and/or after your river cruise as well as extensions beyond the immediate area to explore all of Asia.  

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Riches of the Mekong
7 nights
from AmaWaterways
available 8/9/2021 - 8/16/2021
Riches of the Mekong
7 nights
from AmaWaterways
available 8/23/2021 - 8/30/2021
Charms of the Mekong
7 nights
from AmaWaterways
available 2/15/2021 - 2/22/2021
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