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Discover the great US and Canadian rivers and waterways 

The rivers and waterways of North America have contributed greatly to our nation's history for several centuries. Mark Twain’s writings described life along the meandering Mississippi River with tales of Huckleberry Finn and others. Many have forgotten the economic importance of the GREAT LAKES and St Laurence seaway in an era when they were a major transportation route for goods and services in the north. Our intercostal waterways once provided protection for our military vessels along our eastern seaboard and inland from our Western shores the Louis & Clark expeditions into and along the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Today new generations are rediscovering, exploring and enjoying these natural treasures, sometimes enjoying great golfing and boutique shopping along the journey. They are a great multi generation options as well.
DISCOVER the beauty of our own great waterways!

 Please call for complete details on these small ship opportunities!


UnCruise Adventure Cruises always
small group experiences


These small companies are unable to participate in the mega online services due to the small size of their vessels which allow you close encounters with the land, wildlife and history of the destinations.

 Un-Cruise adventures small experiences
Really explore up close and personally the coastal wonders of South East Alaska, Coastal Washington and British Columbia, Sea of Cortes or the Hawiian island. Perfect for those want a more active experience offered by their smaller ships, we have all the details ready to share when you contact our office.

American Cruise Lines-
many rivers to explore


American Cruise Lines Overview 2020 from American Cruise Lines on Vimeo.

American Cruise Lines small ships cruising US rivers and coastal waterways
American Cruise Lines offers a vatiety of small ship east coast cruises from Maine to Florida, the Pacific NorthWest and Mississippi too, contact me to learn more about what they have to offer.

American Queen Steamboat company cruising the US rivers and coastal waters
With steamboat in their name you expect the Mississippi River but you will be surprised at how many different itineraries they offer.
They too have expanded into the Pacific North West, call me to learn more about them all their options..