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VISAS may be required for travel to certain countries

         Requirements can change without notice so always good to check before every trip

G3 Global Services is our preferred travel document specialist that assists our customers with processing your U.S. Passport or Visa quickly and effortlessly. 
When traveling internationally, a valid passport is required.  The passport must have 6months validity after the return date of your trip.  

Some countries require that a U. S. Citizen have a Visa prior to visiting their country.    A Visa is an official permission that temporarily authorizes a U.S. Citizen to stay in a foreign country.   

The visa process can be easy or complicated depending on the destination and not all destinations require a Visa.  Visas can be obtained directly from their individual consulate offices if time allows, your passport must be sent to them 

If you're unsure of how to obtain a visa or if you need multiple visas for a trip, using a VISA Service is often more convenient.  We have partnered with G3 Global Services, offering expert knowledge and service for over 25 years. 

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