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Voyages to Antiquity
We have created a cruise experience which is designed for travellers who want to understand more about the history, culture and natural wonders of the ancient world. Our small ship, Aegean Odyssey, is perfectly suited to our destination-rich itineraries while our lecture programme connects you with the places you'll visit before you even go ashore.

The size of our ship allows us to visit harbours other vessels cannot reach, meaning we can offer a broader range of destinations. We berth in the heart of Southeast Asia's great city Yangon (Rangoon), sail up the Guadalquivir River into the centre of Seville and are ideally sized to access the smaller Mediterranean ports and islands.

We pride ourselves on the destinations we offer; from the famous sites to the lesser known but equally stunning places, they have all been carefully selected in conjunction with noted historians. Some of our itineraries have a theme at their heart, such as The Crusades or Byzantine history, while others take you across continents and combine outstanding sites.

You might be surprised to read this on a cruise operator's website, but we believe that your enjoyment ashore is as important as your experience on board. In fact, on many of our Mediterranean cruises, you'll likely spend as much time on land as at sea. After all, we believe the reason for taking a cruise with us is to see the many wonderful places which are easily accessible from the coast.

Accompanying you on each cruise are celebrated guest speakers who have been carefully selected for their knowledge of the areas we visit and their ability to bring the history of these remarkable civilisations and cultures to life. Lecturers include historians, professors, archaeologists and more, all well regarded in their respective fields.

We believe in offering exceptional value for money by including the things that matter most. You'll find that sightseeing tours, land stays and gratuities are extra on many cruise lines, which can amount to significant sums over the course of your holiday.

Our cruises are an excellent choice if you are travelling on your own. We offer low supplements, dedicated single cabins and a friendly atmosphere on board our small ship - just some of the reasons why so many travel solo with us.

Prices, dates, and promotions listed in this program are subject to change and may be unavailable when you book.
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