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"People to people" travel to CUBA by US Citizens has been revolked.
Alternative options may be available pending further government clarification.

CUBA after more than half a century is slowly becoming more accessible for Americans to visit though still quite restricted, somewhat like Russia was back in the 60s-80's.
These "people to people" programs are offered through a growing number of reputable suppliers who have been granted proper licensing by the United States Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) allowing US Citizens to visit Cuba legally. These licensed itineraries include a full-time schedule of people-to-people educational/cultural activities designed to result in meaningful interactions between travelers and individuals in Cuba. United States law requires that all participants in these programs adhere to this full-time schedule of people-to-people activities.

Experience Cuban sights & sounds



Independent leisure travel for Americans is not allowed inspite of the recent and continuing changes. You are NOT free to sit on the beach soaking up the sun as you would on a typical Caribbean island.

US Citizens are required to sign an affidavit confirming that they are traveling under a People-to-People license or one of the approved travel categories and are aware of the travel rules and participants are required to return a copy of their passport photo page, complete a visa application form and travel reservation forms at the time of booking as provided by each authorized company.
Cuba remains under U.S. sanctioned embargo which is stringently enforced, there are still limitations on what and how much may be brought back to the US. Recent changes may now allow limited purchase of Cuban cigars, rum or coffee, be sure to verify before buying even if the items were purchased at a “duty-free” shop in the Havana Airport, customers come from a multitude of countries, not just the US! 

Access latest changes below.
U.S. Departments Of Commerce & Treasury Fact Sheet
U.S Department Of The Treasury FAQ  CUBA Questions